Dai-ichi Life will conduct preliminary appraisal, after your insurance request is sent to the company, then the company will randomly select a number of cases to conduct health checks.

Many people buy life insurance do not fully understand the terms of the insurance pocily. There are many different insurance products: An Tam Hung Thinh, health care insurance, … with many terms you have not read before. Besides, the insurance policy terms are often more difficult to understand, however, insurance law has many provisions protecting clients.In addition, you need to have some basis to protect yourselves. One of these basis is health examination.

Physical exam for first time: Many people think health care is really annoying when insurance companies require a medical examination, but this is a great benefit for our clients because:

– This is a free inspection of your health, if then the company does not agree to insure you, you do not have to pay inspection fee.

– Health checks on independent premises associated with Dai-ichi-life with very good service from the reception to the doctors.

– The basis of health: blood tests, urine, ECG, blood pressure,… will be checked and then notice the results to you.

Physical exam for second time: After a 1st checkup, results of tests like blood tests, ECG …, if there are issues to be verified, then the insurance company Dai-ichi-life will notify you to check for second time. You should feel secure because procedures are to make sure you qualify for insurance or for you to know a health status better.

Basis of Insurance Compensation: Upon receiving notification checkup notice from Dai-ichi, please be peaceful because this is one of the important basis for Dai-ichi Life to conduct paying compensation for you when the insured event occurs.

Said:I also purchased life insurance, and I requested a checkup, 2 years after that insured event of health insurance occurred, and the insurance company has quickly complete profile to pay compensation for me. Soon thereafter, I was paid full value of insurance contracts

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